Friday, April 24, 2009

NYC Weekend

After work today I head to NYC, for a weekend of taking care of business. This means my informal shareholder meeting with Jer, who hopefully will tell me something better than "we're broke dude", and working on the Road House 3 outline with Andy who is still obsessed with getting Sammy Hagar into the picture which would require a change of location for the film to Cabo San Lucas. Also hope to see the Beck, and Chole and her Maine Gang will be in town doing the touristy stuff that I'll happily skip and catch up with them after. We also supposedly have a dinner party Saturday (rumor is it'll feature fondue, and a fondue to you too) and I have to somehow fit a lot of pizza in there.

The question is can I avoid the usual NYC hangover? Time will tell! One can never predict what happens in NYC. And once I step on the isle of Manhattan, it is out of my hands.

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