Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Reasons for Road House 3

In working on the script for Road House 3, it has given me time to reflect on when the first one came out (in 1989) and I was a young, idealistic lad just starting high school. My meatheaded friend said "hey let's go see Road House, it looks awesome" and I was all "yeah watch how fast I go". I mean, I was no fan of the Swayze, and as much as I could appreciate a good action flick, even in the '80s I had a low tolerance for stupidity in films (though interestingly, a high tolerance for stupidity in everyday life). Road House? I don't think so!

At least a decade later, I was watching Spanish TV (seriously, there was NOTHING else on at that time slot) hoping to learn the language based on what was onscreen, and what should they be showing but Road House in Spanish! (Maybe that's "Casa de Calle"?) In all it's stupid glory, with gratuitous semi-nudity and pointless fistfights--where people take a haymaker to the chin and come back swinging--and I said "I gotta see this with English dialogue!" In the years since, I'd seen the movie in bits and pieces on cable, always enjoying how seriously it tried to take itself. Finally, I Netflixed it and saw this mindless cult classic in its full form. (I also Netflixed the sequel, which is so bad and not in an enjoyable way, that it's not worth mentioning further)

Also, for some reason I find Swayze likable, though I can't say I've ever enjoyed any of his movies (enjoying Road House is more of a "so bad it's good" enjoyment). Learning of the man's cancer, the idea here was to create Road House 3 as a swan song, a way for him to retire on top of his game, with a sequel that actually improves on the original. A great piece of film that leaves people saying "huh. That was a great piece of film and in no way a waste of celluloid."

In short, that was Road House 3.


  1. your an prick, the man just died after a 20 month battle with cancer. roadhouse was an awesome movie. so you know what you can do with your opinion, shove it where the sun don't shine, and if you got a comment for me bring it on, for i will protect the swayze legacy. my e-mail is kickboxerman101@aol.com