Thursday, April 23, 2009

More Road House 3 News

One of the issues we're dealing with in creating "Road House 3--Back to Basics" is that every young star or starlet wants to use a role in the film as their key to fame. Their "Oscar moment" as it were--and for some, maybe a comeback film (the way Pulp Fiction was for John Travolta, or Godfather was for Marlon Brando). Who is going to want the part as evil Brad Wesley's twin brother who doesn't look like Brad Wesley and may not actually be evil after all? (Mind you, this will be a complex role) I'm thinking we might have something for Harrison Ford here, since frankly his career has been in the toilet lately (no thanks to Spielberg and Lucas, two guys who created the suckfest that was the Indiana Jones sequel--of course, Lucas sucks period. He already destroyed one franchise!). Could Ford pull off the role of Enos Wesley?

Then of course there's Jeff Bridges, who has shown a great deal of range over the years, from Last Picture Show to Starman to Lebowski. He apparently played a villain in Ironman, though I didn't see it yet so I don't know how convincing he was.

John Goodman also needs a role, now that I have Lebowski on my mind.

Ah, the perils of being a Hollywood hotshot! Decisions, decisions.

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