Tuesday, April 21, 2009

More cornholing? Wasn't last time enough?

Well, this morning's visit to the dealer for a car inspection was inexpensive--not only was this the first time I've gone to a dealer for anything, but also the first time I've taken a car in for an inspection without needing all sorts of repairs due to mufflers dragging, brakes failing, and mysterious amounts of blood dripping from the undercarriage. The downside? Well, their "it may take as much as an hour" turned into more like an "hour" if we're using a very loose definition of "an hour" since it was more like two and a half hours. You know what's not a whole lot of fun? Trying to answer work e-mails on a hand-held device so everyone thinks you never mastered basic spelling.

Fortunately, they had a neat lounge to sit in with doughnuts and freezy pops (yeah, an odd combination) and comfy chairs. But rather than being slightly late to work, I rolled in just before lunchtime. Good thing I'm not an emergency room surgeon, or else I would have had to tell the dealership people that thanks to their misunderestimation of time, several people died, even little Johnny who had hopes of being the next Yo Yo Ma even though Johnny's not Chinese and doesn't like stringed instruments. But one can dream, dammit!

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