Monday, April 20, 2009

Road House 3 News

Began the script for Road House 3 this weekend, getting a couple scenes in. What's tricky is trying not to just replicate the first movie scene by scene. In some ways, sequels can be harder to write than the originals (just ask the acclaimed director of "Breakin' 2--Electric Boogaloo", whoever that is).

I did learn over the weekend that Patrick Swayze is gravely ill, so the chances of bringing him back for the sequel are nil (why oh why didn't we start this project a decade ago? Poor Swayze! This could have been the coda to his brilliant body of work over the years). So who on earth could we cast as Dalton if not the great Swayze?

1) Matthew McConnaughy--too laid back. We need the intensity of a tortured soul.

2) Ryan Reynolds--too much of a comic actor. We need a guy who can play this cheesy film straight. Like he doesn't know he's in on the joke.

3) Ben Affleck--after Gigli, no way in hell.

4) Russell Crowe--too difficult to work with. But seriously, he'd be perfect in this role! He can grow a mullet, do the American accent--he COULD BE DALTON.

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