Tuesday, April 28, 2009

New Titles, Folks

So yesterday I broke down and grabbed lunch at the KFC next to our office (you can see it from my office window, taunting me with it's Kentucky Fried Goodness) and sure it may have been an unhealthy meal but man those eleven herbs and spices did the trick. They were also giving out samples of their new grilled chicken, and that was pretty terrific as well. The hard part today will be going back to healthy eating.

Were you aware that Colonel Sanders wasn't a real Army colonel, but a "Kentucky Colonel" which is some sort of honorary title they hand out in the Bluegrass state? Elvis' manager Colonel Tom Parker--who was actually a Dutch immigrant and illegal alien--was another "Kentucky Colonel", as was "Colonel Homer Simpson" (when Homer was manager for country singer Lurleen Lumpkin). I think it's about time we other states had titles to hand out! Virginia could hand out titles of nobility, so I can be a "Virginia Viscount" and Maine could give out civil service titles, so the gang back in Maine could become "Maine Postmasters".

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