Monday, April 20, 2009

Weakend Wrap Up

It was a pleasant weekend, getting out for some exercise in the sunny weather both days, and meeting up with the gang (Don Niccolo, Lady Erin and their spouses) for eats and drinks at a nice outdoor corner joint east of Dupont before heading to a party in SW. All was good until I agreed to crash and take the Metro back in the morning--and trying to time it perfectly to catch a train without much of a wait was hampered by having to wander around a few blocks until a cop told me where the damn Metro station was! D'oh! Amused myself on the ride back with some video blackjack (and yes, I'm even unlucky in the virtual world!) as well as some dude in the car who was having a very angry breakup with some girl over the phone. (The dude didn't care much about who heard his dirty laundry)

Caught up with AJB yesterday for lunch, then hit the gun range to try and make our penises feel bigger (didn't work! at least for me anyway). The .40 Berretta didn't have as much kick as I'd have expected, and of course the hot shells dropping was a bit of a hazard for my poor choice of footwear (flip flops--I hadn't expected a gun range trip on my way to lunch). I have a sneaking suspicion that AJB is trying to start a gang, particularly since in middle of the shooting I asked him "are you trying to start a gang? Is this training for street warfare?" and he said not to ask any more questions.

Today of course it is rainy and miserable out, which is fine since I'm indoors anyway. On to another work week!

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