Monday, April 27, 2009

Weekend Wrap Up

Back from the NYC weekend. It began with a ride on the "Boltbus" which was a pretty high end bus for this rider of the Chinatown Express, though the driver took us on some excursion through southern Delaware that seemed rather out of the way. Using the iPhone GPS, I kept wondering "what in the hell is this dude doing" but ultimately we made it to NYC where I shivered my way across town (I was wearing shorts and expecting warmer weather). It did of course warm up the next day, and managed to meet the Beck for pizza at Lombardi's (home of the first pizza) in Little Italy and wandered through the parks on the way back uptown. Joined Andy and his crew for a dinner party, then back out to meet ole Chole on the town. Chole's gang of Mainers had "over-toured" themselves, so they were too wiped out for any partying. Weak! At least Chole found a bit of energy to stay out for a few drinks. Finally, before my ride back I met with Jer to discuss the company business, and had a nice blunch.

Now back in balmy DC, and back to work.

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