Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Cycle Savages

Last night's "B-picture" was Cycle Savages, featuring Bruce Dern (cult movie hero and Laura Dern's father) as an insane leader of a biker gang that terrorizes an artist who has been trying to draw pictures of the gang members. Eventually, Dern and his gang, upset that the drawings the artist is making of them will be shown to the police, try to maim the artist's hands, which makes little sense to me since then the guy can simply tell the police that they attacked him. Probably would have made more sense to just kill him, but then I'm not the leader of a biker gang. Of course, I have to also wonder why the artist was drawing pictures of the bikers in the first place--was there some sort of "Hell's Angels" exhibit coming up at the Met?

Poor Bruce Dern--it'd be another nine years before he'd get an Academy Award nomination for "Coming Home". But like they say, you gotta do a lot of Cycle Savages before you make the big time.

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  1. Dude, Brando, where have I been??? I was one of your biggest blog fans and feel like I just stopped checking in on your page a few weeks ago. I was so pleasantly surprised logging in tonight randomly and seeing that your daily dish is again in full force. Sounds like life is splendid!!! I miss ya!