Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Today's "word of the day" is "Asstard" which unfortunately has to be deployed on a regular basis when driving on Northern Virginia roads. As any DC-area resident can tell you, the suburban highways in that region are basically a zoo most of the time, with a collection of tourists, new residents, drug runners and morons making even a short drive an unsafe and frustratingly slow experience. It also doesn't help that the road system was designed as if by someone's family dog. Random lanes are blocked off for High Occupancy Vehicles (and these lanes aren't well marked until you realize you're in the wrong one) and there is constant construction to mix it up. Not to mention that the roads are not wide enough to carry the lanes necessary for the amount of traffic here (they assumed when building the roads here that the population of the DC metropolitan area would never increase beyond ten thousand people).

How to sum up the drivers, highway designers and property owners who screech like a drowned rat when anyone suggests expanding or redesigning the highway system? Asstards is all that is appropriate.

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