Thursday, June 4, 2009

I saw Saw

Last night's film was "Saw" which as you may know involved a guy trying to make things work with his wife and kid. Sure, they had a rough patch, and he had a thing going on with his secretary, but he loves the kid and you can tell he's still got feelings for his wife. And since he's a doctor, he's also got to try and reconcile his own feelings toward mortality and how he treats others, both at work and at home.

And of course this doctor guy is chained to a pipe in some abandoned room (along with another guy) by some madman who is threatening his wife and kid, and ultimately the only way he can get out is if he either kills the other guy in the room or saws his own leg off. Now, I'm the sort of guy who probably would work real hard at sawing my leg off only to realize I sawed off the wrong one, the one without the chain on it! It would have been one of those moments I would have to laugh at, despite the pain and bleeding, because life just sure tosses some ironicality at you from time to time!

As it turns out, Saw had three sequels, which tells me two things--first, the police just aren't any good at catching this killer, which shouldn't be surprising because in the first film the police spend most of their time ignoring warrants and not aiming their firearms properly, and second, audiences love a good "cut off your own limb" movie.

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