Thursday, June 11, 2009

Second Blog

My fellow blogger Don Marco and I are setting up an alternate blog, found here, where we hope to provide wisdom, revelry, and a sort of affirmation of the party lifestyle. It occurred to us that there is no group more victimized and underrepresented than the drinkers (okay, maybe there's the Tutsis in Rwanda, or the Kurds, but last I checked the former had a hit movie made about them and the latter are now represented in the Iraqi Congress, and all we drinkers have is Ted Kennedy and that guy is at death's door). Ever since our mortal enemies, the Modern Purity League (also known as Mothers Against Drunk Driving, who have expanded their mission well beyond driving to now impose their reign of terror over every form of drinking enjoyment) have thrown down the gauntlet, it made us realize that someone needs to stand up for us. So join us in our struggle, subscribe to the new blog (I'll still be blogging here about creative endeavors, film reviews, and general observations of the scene), and comment frequently.

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