Friday, June 19, 2009

Weekend Upcometh

More out of town guests are visiting this weekend, and coming from Maine they may be in for a bit of shock at the D.C. summer heat! Fortunately it's only in the '80s so not quite as brutal as it can get, but the humidity does add a certain horrible to it. The key to dealing with the heat? Dress down and just accept the fact that you're going to be a sweaty mess, and so will everyone else. That and cold beer.

They said they didn't want to do "touristy stuff" and instead just "do whatever you'd do if we weren't here, your typical weekend activity". To this I wondered if they really wanted to watch me drink beer on my balcony in my underwear and lounge at the pool for a bit. But I figured it makes more sense to get them into town, and amble through the neighborhoods, sit outside and people watch. One of my more enterprising friends is hosting a "sweet sixteen party" (nope, not what you're thinking, Roman Polanski!) where everyone dresses as they did when they were sixteen and they play music from that era (which will cover a number of years based on the guests' age range). I figure that can end the night Saturday, and there should be some brunch options Sunday.

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