Monday, June 8, 2009


While Andy (who's been trying to get everyone to call him Johnny Vino) was visiting this past weekend, we worked out an outline for the screenplay for Road House 3--Back to Basics. I can say that any fan of film noir, Hitchcock-style twists, revisionist westerns and sweeping epics will absolutely love this sequel. It has a little of everything, and then some. Most of all, it has a new character who will be introduced and perhaps used extensively through montages and flashbacks--Reuben "Nighttrain" Parnell. I'd say "you can't make up a name like that" except we did just that. Andy liked the name so much he's been insisting on being called "Night Train" himself. I'd laugh but I'm crying on the inside.

Of course, this film shouldn't be too expensive to film--with the exception of the set-piece battle in the wine bar (which should be quite expensive, since we'll insist on using real wine and good vintage stuff, for realism), we don't have much expense. Lord knows we won't be spending much on acting lessons! And the frenetic pacing should help us use locations without permits. See, these are the sort of things you learn in the business.

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