Monday, June 22, 2009


The visit from the Mainers went off without a hitch, managing to get them at the airport Friday and then on into the city for some ill-advised beer-swilling with some of the local crew. A hung over Saturday morning was looking especially grim as a heavy rainstorm descended, but by the time we could get our act together and head into town it cleared up and the extreme sun and heat and humidity weighed down on us. (Mainers aren't well acclimated to a heat index that goes over 100) Luckily we found our way to the Mexican rooftop restaurant where a nice breeze and cold drinks cooled us off, and before long we cleaned up and headed out for a night on the town including a visit to a friend's party in SW.

On the whole though I am now exhuasted from lack of sleep and getting back into work mode--but it was good spending some time with my guests and giving them a chance to see DC in the dead of summer. Now I have to plan my own trip to Maine before it gets cold there again...

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