Monday, December 7, 2009

Blasted Snow

Snow sucks. I know a lot of people who disagree, since they love skiing, but skiing sucks because words in English shouldn't have a double "i". (It's also why I'm wary of Hawaiians). Besides, snow in the mountains is fine--what sucks is when we have it on roads and sidewalks.

I didn't always feel this way, since as a kid snow often meant a day off from school and maybe some sledding or building a fort. But now when I build a fort it just looks pathetic! It's all "hey are you homeless or something?" and then I spend too much time explaining myself. And sledding's tricky what with mankind's natural enemy, the Tree.

Instead, this is the time of year it's best to prepare hot drinks and gather with friends around the fireplace and play Trivial Pursuit (the only board game where you can participate without having to see the board). And try to forget that warm weather is months away.

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