Monday, December 14, 2009

Up Yours, Winter!

Some people call winter their favorite season. These people are called idiots. Consider the following:

1) The only real period of daylight is while we are at work indoors. Darkness beginning by 5 PM is depressing. They should simply have the day begin and end five hours earlier, so we'd have five hours of daylight after the end of the workday. I wouldn't mind working the first five hours of the day in the darkness. That's why we have lights in our offices!

2) Waking up when it's chilly and you just want to stay in your coccoon all day but know you can't do that. If only I can conduct my daily business from inside my coccoon. But apparently you have to be the president of the United States to get to do that.

3) Road conditions are hazardous. It's dangerous enough with all the brain-dead morons cutting me off and that damn bus that always seems to get in the way. Ice only makes it more of a challenge.

4) If you stand outside long enough your butt cheeks will freeze together.

5) Restaurants have a lot less seating because the outdoor seats can't be used.

6) No backyard barbecues so that limits my cuisine by like 75%.

Granted, summer has its downsides--heat and humidity, bugs--but it's not even a comparison. It's going to be a long few months!


  1. When I was in the Marines we'd work what are called trop hours, short for "tropical", during the summer: 2 a.m. until 11 a.m. to help cut the electric bills. Meant lots of afternoons at the beach.

    Also, why can't you barbecue in the winter? It's not like you're not standing in front of a fire or anything.

  2. Foggy--I would be all in favor of some winter barbecuing, though not having a BBQ of my own I need to convince others to let me use theirs and they say no.