Friday, December 4, 2009


My friends and I drink too much. Of course, we also do too many other things too much (eat, make sarcastic remarks, toss batteries at one another) but it occurred to me that it's time we did something for the community after taking so very much from it. This is why we're doing the First Annual Drink-a-Thon For the Kids.

The Drink-A-Thon (or DAT for those of you who can't get enough of acronyms) goes like this--participants begin at 8 AM and have to have one drink per hour; that drink can be a 12 oz beer or glass of wine (we're going to avoid hard liquor for this as we don't want a bunch of tequila-fueled mayhem marring this charitable event). The more hours each participant can go, the more money they can raise, since sponsors will sponsor a certain amount of cash per drink. (Say, a buck a drink for your participant--if they make it 20 hours, then you pledge $20). During this period the participants can eat, drink and do anything--they just have to stick by the drink-per-hour rule.

To keep up stamina, there will be plenty of eating and group activities (ping pong, arm wrestling, strolling through town) and ideally we can get some bars to sponsor the players by providing discounted beer for this cause. Participants of course will have to try and line up sponsors for this charity. Donations can also be made in the form of food and drink. We also want to get T-shirts made, partly to help spread awareness for our cause.

The date we have set for this is January 9th (Saturday). The only thing we need to do now is decide on a charity for which we can send the proceeds from this fundraiser. So far I've got:

1) American Cancer Society
3) Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Elves

Any other thoughts?


  1. Perhaps we should add some irony to the event by donating the proceeds to an anti-drinking organization or a shelter for abused women? You know, let a little good come from it.

    Although, I have to say, this would probably be easier if you were doing tequila. One shot an hour is probably a lot easier to process (less volume) that a 12 oz. beer or 5 oz. glass of wine.

    You could also add in some bonuses like whoever can hold it the longest gets an extra donation from all the other drinkers; or the first person to boot has to pay a fine.

    Oh, and this is totally off topic: Why do I have to hit "Post Comment" three times before this thing posts my comments? It's kinda annoying.

  2. Foggy--yeah the comment posting is difficult here, but it does show commitment to posting. Those are good ideas for mixing up the event a bit--hopefully we can get some good participants and sponsors, and raise some good money for a good cause. I'd like to see this catch on in other cities.

  3. Years ago I participated in a karaoke fundraiser...basically, you could buy "dare tickets" at $5 to make people sing. Around Hour 12, this could be a great way to keep the troops awake.

  4. If we offered the proceeds to MADD would they take it? Talk about mixed emotions.

  5. Shannon--keep those ideas coming! Anything to raise money for the cause! And keeping it interesting!

    Lacochran--so long as we're not driving they should be good with it! Now, the Temperance League on the other hand...

  6. Maybe the funds should be donated to the polar bears. Though I like lacochran's suggestion!

  7. Chole--the polar bears are rich enough! Strutting around in their fancy furs.

  8. I encourage you to find a small local charity and give to them. Things like the ASPCA and American Cancer Society, while very worthy causes, get a lot of donations. I'm guessing you'll be raising a smaller amount and a smaller amount will mean more to a small charity. Of course there is always the "help Becky get her PhD" fund...

  9. Beck--I'm hoping you might be a sponsor for this event!

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