Monday, May 16, 2011

Ah, Fake Feminists....

Well, Carolyn Hax's advice seekers do it again--fly me into a rage! This time, the letter writer claims to be a "feminist" and yet displays deep resentment over her mate's significantly lower earning potential, because this means she'd have to pick up most of the burden of paying for a home, serious drop in income if she were to decide to stay home with kids, etc. My question is when exactly did feminism get defined as hyper-materialistic hypocrisy trash???

This woman needs to be shot, but perhaps I'm being too hasty going all Trotsky on her. Hax of course turns the tables--should this woman feel uneasy if her husband made significantly more than her? If not, why not?

Call me a simple idealist, but I thought one of the benefits of feminism was that men should no longer be stigmatized for not being the principal breadwinner. I hope the guy in question read that column, and has enough brains to RUN as fast as he can out of that looney bin of a relationship!

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