Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Lack of Shriver Sympathy

With the latest news of Arnold Schwartzenegger's love child--and conclusive proof of his marital infidelity--I can't help but wonder why I don't feel sorry for his wife, Maria Shriver. Each reason I can come up with doesn't seem to satisfy:

1) Being a total rabid fan of Arnold. Can't say this is the case. His movies all sucked--ugh, "Commando", ugh ugh--and while he has a likable screen presence we all know that doesn't translate to personal life (see Sheen, Charlie). His politics do little for me as well--moderate Republican governor? Yawn! I like my Republicans the way I like my bartenders--extra crazy.

2) His wife was complicit in keeping the secret from the media, and supported his career, so screw her. Well, I still felt bad for Elizabeth Edwards, regardless of the cancer she was suffering from, so why pick on Shriver?

3) She's a member of that rotten filthy Kennedy clan of jerks. True, but let's keep in mind that she never started the Vietnam War, aided and abetted Joe McCarthy, got in bed with the mob, or drowned a campaign staffer after a night of drunk driving. By Kennedy standards, that makes her sort of a saint. She could strangle a kitten and still be the most likable of that brood.

4) His wife should have known he'd do something like this when she married him. After all, she couldn't have been unaware of the rumors of his groping ways at the time, not to mention his being a Hollywood star pretty much means he's going to have endless opportunities to cheat and the steroids will affect his judgment. But we still feel bad for the guy who walks down a dangerous alleyway and gets mugged, even if they knew it'd have a good chance of happening.

I guess at this point the fact that when it is all said and done, she's going to walk away with millions of dollars--not that she was impoverished to begin with--while most two-timed spouses at best get their half of the six pack in the fridge, well, it's hard to gin up the tears over this one. Or is there something else I'm missing?

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