Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Another Great Fast Food Customer

Something about fast food restaurants gives patrons this idea that they can act like absolute animals. I have written before about thugs attacking other patrons, and now I hear that at a Bojangles chicken joint in North Carolina a passenger in a minivan at the drive-thru exposed his manhood to the drive thru attendant when he learned that the restaurant was out of chicken wings. I imagine the scene went like this:

Patron: "Pardon me, madam, would you happen to be able to avail some wings of poultry?"

Attendant: "Alas and alack, our supply of poultry wing is no more. Might I offer some other sustenance for you weary travellers?"

Patron: "Pish posh, vile strumpet! I now show you a cock of mine own!"

The problem is this--working at a fast food joint is just plain sucky, as I recall from my own experiences in high school. The pay is lousy, you don't get tips, and the work is mind-numbingly repetitive. Plus, you don't get any Springsteen songs written about you the way farmers and miners and truckers and factory workers do. The one thing customers should be expected to do is be nice and show dignity to the people that have to deal with them all day.

Then some doof in a minivan--seriously, a minivan! This person already is an affront to civilization--decides that because the place is out of wings he has to air out his lil' buddy. I guess we should at least be thankful he didn't physically attack anyone, but if that's our new standard for behavior then our society is doomed.

I hope when the Chinese become our overlords they keep the chicken joints open.

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  1. "Pish posh, vile strumpet! I now show you a cock of mine own!"