Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cinco de Patrick, Parte Dos!

It being Cinco de Mayo, millions of Americans will don the traditiional garb (popped collars, rope necklaces, white caps, flip flops) and pile into the nearest quasi-Mexican joint. This is of course one of the most solemn "dudebro" occasions, where margaritas and Coronas are to be swilled mightily, tequila and tacos will be the appetizers, and many a drunken reveller will fall prey to the mighty gutter.

However, where to go for the partiers who prefer their vomit in toilets and not their ponchos? Where to go for the cameraderie of good friends and not aggressive strangers? Where to go where the pawing of the body will be only mild and inoffensive?

Fortunately, my wife and the gang are planning the second part of Cinco de Patrick (first part is always March 17th) where the faux Mexican side of the celebration will take place in an Irish bar (as the March 17th half takes place in a Mexican place). Murphys and Guinness will be drank, corned beef and chips will be eaten, and some Jamesons will find their way into their gaping maws of death. But mainly, these bars won't be packed to the gills, the waits for drinks won't be as long, and they're more likely to get molested by someone they know, the way it should be.

Happy Cinco de Patrick! Feliz go bragh!

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