Thursday, November 12, 2009

Beer Stronger than Whiskey? Sign this guy up!

There's something to be said for having a "can do" attitude about everything. That, I think, is the main reason we don't live in caves and forage for berries all day unless of course we're hippies who are into that. Is that how you get your kicks, hippie? Berries and caves? Well, at some point in history someone must have said "why not" and invented all the great things there were to invent.

One example is beer. When you consider how it's actually made, it makes you wonder how anyone could have even come up with that. Someone must have boiled grain, added sugar, and let it all sit for a while and then figured "hell, might as well taste it" and then suddenly noticed that the hairy cavewoman sitting next to him looked a lot like Sienna Miller and he was like "okay, I shall call my new friend--'beer'" and the rest was history.

Likewise, my friend Don Marco is a noted home brewer, and is always looking for new directions to take this personal problem that is disguised as a hobby. We were reading about how in some states they're allowing higher alchohol content beer to be sold, as of course once you pass a certain mark you're getting into gangster territory. It was then that we decided "why not produce a home brew that is as powerful as whiskey?" Imagine what this would mean--you could nurse one beer all night and that would be enough for you. We could charge the same for one bottle as we would a six pack or ordinary beer--and it'd still be a good deal for the consumer. But we'd save tons on storage and shipping costs, which is essential since this would be made at his rustic country estate in New Gloucester, Maine (by real Mainers!).

We may be going through the looking glass here, people.

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  1. please explain more on how this beer is as strong as whisky, the brands that are changing the ordinary beer we all know, to this strong beer, what is the percentage of alcohol in this new beer...? how did it start and where?
    in which countries is it being sold? the price? the age limit?