Monday, November 2, 2009

Weekend Wrapup

The weekend was a whirlwind of activity, none of it having anything to do with Halloween. Friday I worked from home, since I was getting over a cold and had been told UNDER NO UNCERTAIN CIRCUMSTANCES BRING YOUR SWINE FLU TO WORK AND INFECT EVERYONE, TYPHOID MARY! Now, it clearly wasn't swine flu--I passed the fever quickly and using bedrest, chicken soup and tea drove it out by Friday evening--but having a day to work at my couch with the computer was somewhat relaxing. And I would need the rest, because the gang had a MOVING PARTY the next day.

Now, a moving party is like any other party, except you have a certain amount of stuff to transport in a short period. Though, I noticed that despite bringing a case of beer for the movers, no one really drank--I certainly didn't because of my getting out of the cold stage, but I figured the others would have cracked a few. This may of course be due to our being done with the move before noon. One guest did manage to find and open a bottle of Proseco, though, and then decided to try on the hostess' wedding dress, giving us a chance to snap some pictures of her drinking with the dress on so she could forward the photos to her mother. When her mother called to ask what was going on, I had to pretend to be the new husband--an immigrant carpenter named "Beppo" who mispronounced the new bride's first and last names and asked if I could call her mother "mom" as well--and my new "in-laws" were remarkably unflapped by this. Though I think now I have to visit them for Passover!

That evening was low key, with some sushi, beer and sweet tea vodka which did some damage to the drinkers of our crew, but not so much that we weren't able to make a furniture run the next day. By Sunday night, we were running on fumes, but were invited to a nice dinner at Clydes with the aid of the wedding dress girl's gift certificates. (Said gift certificates were awarded last weekend, apparently, during a near soy-allergy poisoning!)

Now, I could use a weekend of rest.


  1. Usually it takes the bribary of pizza to get you to help people move. Now its just the mention of beer. This is good to know.

  2. This weekend was amazing. I was feeling it a little on Sunday, but I had a great time both with the morning festivities, and the evening activities. Plus I made a new friend, and her name is Franny :)

  3. DF--yes, there was pizza too! But usually I figure beer is the hook.

    J--yes, crazy Franny, the gang's new mascot!

  4. So if you want to help me move at the end of the year there is a Lombardi's pizza and some fine Brooklyn Lagar in it for you...

  5. Haha Franny has a new boyfriend! I know she is looking forward to Thanksgiving.

    Also, what does it say about me that my mother did not believe for one second that I got married this weekend? In her words: "not a chance."

  6. DF--if I'm in town consider me sold...

    Brett--your mother might react more when I ask her what the dowry will be and make myself "at home" this Thanksgiving...

  7. When you meet her dad you should go with, "How much do you want for your women? Your wife, your daughters, the little girl? Heheheh."

    Also, there was beer there? No one told me there was beer there. I feel so cheated.

    And, did anyone notice Brett posted at "4:20"? Coincidence? I think not.

  8. Foggy--eerie if a coincidence! There certainly was beer there--but no worry, it'll be extra for this weekend's festivities!

  9. Dude, Foggy, I offered beer like 50 times. I figured maybe you were too busy mourning the CD rack to drink.