Friday, November 13, 2009

Happy Birthday LadyBrett

This weekend marks the birthday of fellow blogger, part time business manager and all around gal-about-town, LadyBrett. If you are out on the streets and you hear that there's a run on sweet tea vodka, there's a good chance LadyBrett was there before you. If you see a kitten wearing mittens, it's a good chance that you are following in the path of LadyBrett's destruction.

LadyBrett is part of a dedicated group of party VIPs, who show up early and stay until the bacon is fried the next day. She'll put together a daiquiri concoction that is more rum than ice or strawberry, and she'll make a "French Boilermaker"--Chardonnay with a shot of vodka as a chaser--without thinking twice. LadyBrett has made it into the annals of party legend.

LadyBrett is also a fellow Westchesterite, backing up my stories of Fudgie the Whale and good bagels when they were questioned by DC locals. She is also our group's authority on all things Jewish, which is very useful when I'm misquoting the Talmud as I often do when several sheets ot the wind.

Here's to a happy birthday for LadyBrett, and many more!


  1. Thanks Brando! I don't recall every doing a French Boilermaker, but I supposed that's the point.

  2. Brett--the best part of a signature drink is forgetting it!

  3. M Snay--dammit I should have thought of that!