Thursday, November 12, 2009

Veterans Day Remembered

Yesterday was Veterans Day, which was a day off for most of us (except those who work for America-hating companies that would prefer to force people to toil away rather than celebrate our Veterans, though keep doing that, foul companies! Just wait and see if Stalin gives you any days off when he invades because we don't have any veterans around to stop him because they're too busy working for you to make you a few measly extra bucks! Rot in hell, money grubbing haters of America!).

For me it was also a reminder that there are still guys and ladies much younger than me--people born in the '90s, even!--who are out there in the mountains and deserts shooting and getting shot at by vile nutjobs, and for very little pay. It's more than I can say I've done at that age--when I was 18 I was muddling through college in preparation for what I do now. That was during the Clinton years, when we didn't think much about the dangers faced by our troops, since there hadn't been a protracted armed struggle since Vietnam. And of course our leaders all learned the lessons of Vietnam, right?

Here's a thanks to all those who served and still serve, and hopes they make it back in once piece.

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