Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Campaign to Get Maker of "The Room" to Host SNL

Some time ago, fans of octagenarian comedic actress Betty White--who is the last surviving Golden Girl, incidentally--started a campaign on Facebook to get her to host Saturday Night Live, and the buzz this created went viral. Sure enough, this past season she did host, proving that a grass roots effort can even get through the cold, black heart of Lorne Michaels (a boss so fearsome he inspired Mike Meyers' character Dr. Evil. From the Austin Powers movies. Austin Powers was a spy spoof film franchise that started out pretty fresh and funny and then devolved into stale sequels. Mike Meyers now does voice overs for cartoons. Yes, it's sad).

The idea got some friends and I to thinking--what if a similar effort could be done to get arguably the best possible host for an episode of SNL? And what better host could there be than Tommy Wisseau, the auteur who created the film "The Room"? A film that will go down in infamy as perhaps the most unintentionally hilarious failure of a grand scale?

I'm just trying to picture the SNL cast attempting to work with Wisseau, with each scene devolving into directions they were never intended, with the comedy coming from every unexpected and unintended place. Story lines dropped, absurd twists that have nothing to do with the plot, and Wisseau's almost lovable earnestness about the whole thing. He couldn't even introduce the musical guest without making it hilarious.

I highly suggest everyone who has not seen this film to do so immediately, and to join this campaign to get SNL to bring Wisseau to their show. Come on, could it be worse than when Steven Segal hosted???


  1. YOU NEED TO LINK TO IT!!! http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=137868169570759&ref=mf

  2. Brett you know full well that it's amazing enough that I am able to actually touch type.