Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Mosque? Oh Noes! Eek!

Ah, Sarah Palin. Just when I thought that no more stupidity can be taken from the well, here she comes with another bucket. Apparently, there's a flap going on about a group of Muslims trying to have a mosque built in the same neighborhood where the Twin Towers used to stand in lower Manhattan. Of course, the Thrilla From Wasilla has used Twitter--formerly the medium for intellectual heavyweights like Ashton Kutcher and the brain trust from "Jersey Shore"--to lash out and criticize the building of this mosque should be "refuted" (or "refutiated") because it "stabs the heart". The reasoning goes like this--a group of Muslim fanatics hijacked planes that caused about 3,000 deaths at that spot on 9/11, therefore the building of a Muslim place of worship nearby would be "too painful" for New Yorkers. In one of her "tweets" she even appeals to "peace loving Muslims" to refute the building of the mosque out of sensitivity and to promote healing. People, this is a woman who actually thought she should be in line for the presidency.

First, let me just say I like this new word "refutiate" since I've always liked the creation of new words (I also liked Bush's use of "misunderestimate"). So she earned a point there.

However, WHAT THE FLUCK IS WRONG WITH THIS PEA BRAINED WOMAN??? News flash--a mosque is sort of like a church or synagogue. It is a place for worship, and from my understanding this particular mosque is being built by and for mainstream Muslims, not some whacked out Al Quaeda-promoting sect. If anything, a mosque in that area would promote healing and demonstrate that New Yorkers are not some wilting flowers that can't tolerate an entire religion because some nuts went all crashy back in 2001. Are we now supposed to hate all Muslims? Is that it, Sarah, you know-nothing?

And who does this lady speak for anyway? Shouldn't conservatives--a rich political tradition spanning from Edmund Burke to William F Buckley--be embarrassed by this cliche-spouting failure of a politician? One would think after she bailed out on the Alaska governorship halfway through her one term, after ensuring that the Republicans could in no way retain the White House in 2008, that she'd be quietly swept under the rug as the Democrats smartly did with John Edwards. Who is giving this lady a platform? Is this really what the right wants as the face of their movement?


  1. While I agree with you most of the time, and I think palin is an idiot - she actually has a point. I can almost bet it would be a huge draw to extremist muslims to join this mosque. Unfortunately, most mosques have a radical amongst them and this would be awesome for those that hate us.

  2. are they building churches around the Federal Building bombing site? Wouldn't want to be appeasing those radical Christians!
    And I still think she's thinking about a line to the Presidency. Undoubtedly her platform will be to build on her successful stint as governor....

  3. brooks - did Christian's take down the world trade center? NOPE it

  4. Also, McVeigh was a right wing extremist and milita freak.

    WACO was the Christian nutballs.

  5. Anonymous--I guess the issue is that we can distinguish radical Muslims from the mainstream Muslims, just as we do for Christians. Palin's mistake here is acting as though anything "Muslim" is a shout-out to the radicals; sure the radicals may get all smug since a mosque is going up nearby, but we can't go around reacting unreasonably towards law abiding American Muslims simply out of concern for what the radicals will see as a "victory". Besides, considering the extent to which the radicals have been fighting more with their fellow Muslims--whether of a different branch of the faith or simply a more moderate level of the same faith--the building of a mainstream mosque would if anything be a thorn in their eye. Why would Palin want us to play into their hands?

    But my main point is that when we lose something important in our own way of life--such as religous tolerance--simply as a reaction to our enemies, it's never a positive thing. We would do better to remember why we're better than our enemies and not compromise our values when we don't have to.

  6. Brandon and Brooks, I couldn't agree more. The project in question is much more than just a mosque, it will also be the home to a 500-seat performing arts center, a lecture hall, an exhibition space, a swimming pool, a gym, a culinary school, a restaurant as well as a prayer space for Muslims. Not to mention it is 2 blocks away from Ground Zero.

  7. Sarah Palin and other so-called conservatives and so-called Christians could learn a thing or two from Islam. I personally think what motivates them is jealousy. It was Islam that killed communism. It is Islam that is thriving and maintains a solid pro-family environment.