Thursday, July 29, 2010

Off to Maine...

Tomorrow I fly to Maine for the wedding of my friends Jake and Allie, who met at a surprise party given in my honor a few years back so in a sense you could say that had it not been for me, they would have had to meet at some drunken evening at one of Portland's Irish-style bars a few months later. In the middle of celebrating their big day, I'll also be checking on the town to see how it's been doing in my absence--did they add a Trader Joes? Did they change the times that bars can stay open until? Did the peninsula finally seal off from the mainland and become an island? I'll find out this and much more!

The other thing is that it should be 70s and sunny there all weekend, which is pretty neat because I haven't seen 70 degree weather in months. That and the sea air should do much for my delicate constitution!

What is on my weekend bucket list?

1) Eat some lobster.

2) Drink some local microbrewed beer.

3) Be attacked by a cat.

4) Look at but don't buy a bucket.

5) Have an exotic milkshake at Sillys.

6) Throw a pebble into Casco Bay.

7) Apologize for the guy on the kayak who gets hit with the pebble.

On to Vacationland!


  1. I'm not sure Maine is prepared for this visit. I'll put everyone on notice today!