Monday, July 19, 2010

Poolside Lounging

Summer is that lazy time that I count myself lucky if I'm able to do lots of bbq-ing (this weekend--delicious scrimps and beef kabobs, then the next morning bacon and chicken marinated in red wine, all on the new grill!) and getting to splash about in two different pools. The pool at Shannon's apartment is generally rather empty (especially considering it's for a large building), but the pool at my place was packed to the gills when I got there yesterday afternoon. Due to the packed-in atmosphere, I could not help but overhear the conversation that the girl next to me was having with her mother on her cell phone. In a nutshell:

Girl: Mom, I met a new guy, I've been seeing him for about a month, his name is [Spanish name that sounds like a bullfighter or revolutionary]. . . no Mom, he's only half black! Mom, stop being so judgmental! I'm going to hang up on you! Yes, he's looking for work . . . he was in NYC this weekend to clear his head with some friends, but was texting me the whole time . . . Mom don't be like this! Okay, yeah he has a daughter . . . the mother has custody, but she's in his life. Mom, stop that! Okay, gotta go, love you too . . . [click]

I didn't regret not bringing a book to the pool with me.


  1. Brett--I was tempted to ask for her phone so I could talk to the mother myself. Hilarity would ensue!

  2. haha Britta Gersten is one lucky lady!