Monday, August 9, 2010

The "Che" Stands for "DouCHEbag"

One rather sickening sight is the image of Ernesto "Che" Guevara on "hip" apparel worn in trendy urban and college areas by kids who sadly aren't even being ironic. (Interestingly, I'd be less offended if they were wearing Mussolini's image, since at least then I'd know they were trying to be funny) Apparently a lot of these hipster dolts think of Che as some sort of "fight the power" rebel, to be compared with Martin Luther King or Gandhi, if those guys had at least had the stones to use violence.

But there's no excuse for that now, in the computer age, when a simple Google search can give you the background on this murderous thug who was thankfully snuffed out at an early age before he could do further harm. Basically, Che was Fidel Castro's executioner, responsible for the deaths of thousands of people whose only crime was being politically undesirable. With history being chock full of genuine political dissidents and opponents to repressive regimes, it'd be nice if the "politically conscious" hipster could at least refrain from elevating some two-bit thug.

So it's nice to see images like this.

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