Thursday, August 19, 2010

You're not easily embarrassed if you...

1) Don't mind calling the same number twice using different voices when you forgot to ask a key piece of info so they don't think you're the same person who just called.

2) Discovered year-old butter in your fridge and only give your guest a half-hearted warning about using it. Partly out of scientific curiosity.

3) Frequently refer to your car's trunk as having that "dead hooker smell that never really goes away."

4) Have no problem asking the waiter to pick the "second cheapest wine" from the menu, since it's a special celebration.

5) Have had to lay on your back on a restaurant floor during lunch rush because of blood sugar drops. When that happens once, your shame is long gone.

6) Ever put only one gallon of gas in your tank because you only had $1.35 in your car in change (it was the '90s).

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