Thursday, August 12, 2010

A New Standard of Measuring Disasters

There are a number of films that are "so bad they're good", as in their awfulness makes them enjoyable to watch: "Roadhouse", "Barbarian Queen", "Xanadu", "Flash Gordon", and of course, "The Room". But then there are those films that are awful without any redeeming value. And here is where I'd include 1979's "Roller Boogie". (A bunch of teen roller skaters band together to keep their roller rink open! Save a seat for me!)

"Roller Boogie" is so bad that I have decided to make it the new official yardstick (meter stick, for those of you across the pond or in that glorified iceberg known as "Canada") for determining disasters. See how easily it's done:

1) Waterloo was Napoleon's "Roller Boogie".

2) Sarah Palin is Alaska's "Roller Boogie".

3) That chilli that you fed me which contained no beans or tomato? Let's just say the rest of that evening was a real "Roller Boogie".

4) Italy's performance in this year's World Cup was a complete "Roller Boogie".

5) The Carter years were one long "Roller Boogie".

6) Remember my prison pen-pal? Well that didn't work out the way I'd hoped, and now it's just a big "Roller Boogie".

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