Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Don't Have a Kid With a Crazy Person

If certain things don't outrage you, then the only explanation is that you're an idiot. A good example of something that should outrage you is the fact that "Full House" lasted on television for as long as it did, while "Freaks and Geeks" was cancelled after only one season. But then there are stories that should make you lose faith in humanity.

Picture it--a guy and his ex share custody of their son, and one day she accuses him of invading her home, attacking and torturing her, and he's subsequently arrested. After 83 days in jail and spending $55K in legal fees, the case is ultimately dropped because of overwhelming evidence indicating that the accused couldn't possibly have been at the location of the supposed attack. The accuser sticks by her story, files a restraining order--which of course is withdrawn just before the accused can fight it in court--and uses this to keep him from seeing their son.

If ever there was a good case for tossing this woman in jail for filing a false police report, this is the one--false accusations have a way of ruining a person's life. 55 grand may not sound like much to the yachting set, but for most people that can be a crippling amount to pay, just to prove your innocence. And what if you simply don't have corroborating witnesses, and this drags everything out further?

I'm not saying we need to go all Babylonian about it and rip tongues from the mouths of liars, but at the very least we can chain them to the sides of the freeway picking up trash until they learn to keep their stupid mouths shut.

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  1. Fascinating article. Dude got hosed. I have to admit, at first I thought the title of the blog post was some kind of announcement...