Friday, June 10, 2011

Why Does This Not Exist, #1

I don't watch cooking shows for one good reason--they're completely inapplicable to real life. Cooking shows are great if you happen to have all ingredients handy, pre-prepared, and set up nicely in a big open kitchen that has all the tools and appliances you need. However, 90% of the population will have this experience every time they're in their own kitchen:

1) Hmm, what would I like to make to eat....

2) Ah, looks like we're out of flour.....can we improvise with cornmeal?

3) The recipe calls for dill pickles but I only have this cucumber. Cucumbers are basically pickles.

4) I'd like to use the potato peeler, but that's in the dishwasher and doesn't look clean. Maybe this thing can work with the potato skins still on...

5) Damn, stovetop burners are out for some reason. Maybe I can use the oven and bake this thing instead.

6) Hey, what's that gas smell?

I propose they create a cooking show that truly has a McGyver style chef--improvising with whatever's there, making do when things go wrong, and ultimately trying just to not poison themselves or their guests. Why does this not exist?

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