Thursday, June 2, 2011

Eek, Weaponization!

If you want to make anything sound sinister, just add the adjective "weaponized" before it. Example: "My neighbor has been growing tomatoes behind his house, and now I can't get a good view of his sunbathing wife." Sounds pretty innocuous, right? Well try this one on for size: "My neighbor has been growing weaponized tomatoes behind his house, and now I am living in fear."

If that can be done with something as natural as tomatoes, just imagine all the evil applications to other things. A "weaponized Chrysler" is the sort of thing you'd never lend to your 16 year old. "Weaponized chalk" should certainly be banned from our schools! If I found a "weaponized Bible" in a drawer at a Motel 6, let's just say there'd be some issues raised on their complaint card.

The term can also be used to make scary things even more so. Weaponized grizzly bears sound like just the thing to ruin a hike in the mountains. It'd also mean an assault rifle isn't quite enough to even the odds! Weaponized gasoline is enough to keep me from stopping to ask the clerk if I could use their bathroom. And then the worst idea ever.

Weaponized spiders. Yes, our doom is coming.

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