Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Bristol Palin's Speaking Fee

Picture the scenario--some organization wants to hold a conference or seminar of some sort, and they're given a budget to do so. Let's say the budget is a nice round number, like $30,054.32. (Assume for this scenario that they were granted $30K by their Treasurer, and then found the $54.32 under all their seat cushions. Don't judge, some people just aren't as regular about cleaning as you are).

So the organization decides to spend the $54.32 on snacks, chairs, AV equipment and a venue, and blow the $30K on scoring that brilliant, proven speaker, Bristol Palin. All I can say to that is ARE YOU F'ING KIDDING ME??? What brain dead simpleton would think for a second that someone who is only famous for being the easily-played-by-a-white-trash-tool-and-knocked-up-by-said-tool daughter of a failed vice presidential candidate has anything worthwhile to impart to any organization whatsoever? Certainly, $30,000.00 worth???

Let's forget for a minute that Sarah Palin is a caricature of everything wrong with today's Republican party--a disdain for intelligence and complex thinking, a closed minded intolerance and divisiveness towards "others" who happen to be a majority of this country, a willingness to wear ignorance like a badge of honor, an unwillingness to take any responsibility for anything at all--and in fact let's assume that Sarah Palin was someone that she's not--a successful, brilliant politician. Even if that were the case, what qualifications can her 19 year old daughter possibly have--simply by virtue of being a famous daughter??? For the record, it'd be just as stupid if someone wanted to pay $30,000 to hear Barack Obama's pre-teen daughter speak. Perhaps it might be worth the money to see Bristol give a speech titled "Help Me I'm Living With A Crazy Woman Who Likes to Strafe Wolves From Helicopters And If I Eat One More Mooseburger I'm Going to Join A Hippie Commune".

This is America, and of course you can spend your own money in any dumb way you see fit. But it doesn't mean I won't mock you for it.


  1. By simply writing about this, you are validating why these morons paid $30K. They just want the press. Companies will pay $30K for PR without batting an eye.

  2. DF--this is also why clubs will pay Paris Hilton to show up at their venues. Though it says a lot about the caliber of a club that wants Paris Hilton to party there, or an organization that will pay $30K to get a 19 year old of no accomplishments to speak.

  3. Clearly someone hates freedom..

  4. J, I like my freedom like I like my freedom fries. Extra thin!

  5. Brando's hatred of freedom was the 1st thing I thought of when I read this....well, maybe not. The lack of common sense was glaring, however!
    So an organization would cough up $30K just to curry favor with Mom?

  6. Brooks--let's hope there's no REASON to curry favor with that particular Mom!