Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Your Kid May Be On The Honor Roll, But He's Still An Idiot

Children are our most precious natural resource, after coal, oil, lumber, grain, iron ore, water, sunlight, wind, livestock, and shiny rocks. And yet, I worry a lot about the future of our country when I see that students are providing answers like this on the Advanced Placement History exam. Mind you, these are not regular history students--these are supposedly the elites of high schools around the country.

According to these dullards:

1) Jews were victims of "antisentimentalism".

2) Eisenhower came through Ellis Island during WWII.

3) Republicans opposed George Washington which was why he was assassinated.

4) The economy was strong in the 1840s due to the auto industry.

5) Trancendentalists were the supporters of the "intercontinental railroad".

Well, they might have been right about the last one--after all, if we're going to have a railroad system that connects various continents, it's probably a good idea to do some serious meditation about it!

What it certainly tells me is that we are clearly going to be owned by the Chinese by the time these kids are done running our country into the ground. How do you say "pizza and beer" in Chinese?

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