Monday, May 17, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up

The whirlwind weekend began Friday, with a crazed frenzy to get meetings concluded in time to leave work early, then race up to NYC to begin a fine spring weekend of celebrating a friend's birthday and a belated Mothers Day. The Greenwich Village festival was timed for ideal weather, and despite the crowds we managed to snag some tables for our crew and parked ourselves for the whole day. Wine, cheese, fancy meats, beer--it was a lot of exercise eating and drinking all of that. There were also some neat knicknacks at the festival--including a WWI trench helmet which would be awesome for not banging my head on stuff--but at this stage I'm trying to reduce my possessions, not increase them.

The following morning it was a mad dash up to Westchester to celebrate a belated Mothers Day and wedding anniversary with the parents, which was quite nice but an extremely close shave--by about twenty seconds--to catch the train back to the city in time for the 3:30 bus back to DC. Managed to make it, and then voyaged back down the highways and byways to our fair Capital.

Exhausted? And how! But now to catch up on another week and hopefully a quiet weekend to come.

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