Monday, May 24, 2010


After six seasons, the hit TV show "Lost" finally answered my questions, such as "will Kate continue to be a bitch?" and "will Jack remain all emo and needy?" and "can people really use a rifle only hours after suffering a gunshot would to their shoulder?" I warn you that there are spoilers ahead!

So it apparently turns out that the "flash sideways" world from this season was a form of purgatory, and the gang gets united at the end because they all die "eventually". For some reason Sayid reunites with Shannon even though she sucks and they only spent about five minutes together before she was mercifully killed off. (I think he had a more in-depth relationship with Ilana when she was posing as a hooker to trap him and bring him to the island. Why not reunite with her?). Ok, I'll buy the purgatory explanation.

What I don't get is what really happened with the nuke detonated at the end of the previous season? What did that really do--if it was a real nuke wouldn't the gang have died there? And if Rose and Bernard and the dog were all living on the island since 1975, wouldn't the dog have been long dead? What exactly were the "rules" about who could kill who, and what made it all change at the end?

When Chest Hair McGee somehow took a crash landed jumbo jet out of the jungle and flew it without use of a real runway--really???--and flew a half dozen people out of there, how were they going to explain things wherever they eventually land? A lot of people are dead! And Richard has some explaining to do, what with being hundreds of years old. I sense an awkward sitcom moment!

Still, despite my disappointment with not getting to see Kate and Claire killed by falling rocks, it was a satisfying end to a pretty solid show. And now, Tuesday nights are free!

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