Thursday, May 27, 2010

Kanye West Boycott?

Well, I'm torn here. Arizona has passed an illegal immigration law that I have some problems with and would like to see amended, but now I just found out that Kanye West--a noted ignoramus and dangerously ill closet case--is planning to boycott Arizona because they passed this law. The boycott also includes Michael Moore, a man who apparently felt that what liberals were lacking most was their very own Rush Limbaugh (and yes, I really think those two bombastic simpletons should have their own buddy-comedy show. I smell a sitcom!).

What this means to me is that if only every single state in the country passes the same law that Arizona did, WE COULD FINALLY DRIVE KANYE WEST OUT OF THE COUNTRY. Imagine! He could move to France, which has traditionally been the haven of demented lunatics (Roman Polanski, Lenin, the Ayatollah, Jerry Lewis). Of course, if someone reads him a newspaper article (yes I still believe Kanye is unable to read) he might learn that France has some rather severe immigration laws itself, and doesn't seem too inviting towards its Muslim minority. But by then he'd be someone else's problem.

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