Thursday, March 4, 2010

Canadian Girlfriend

Remember during puberty when some kids started dating and the kids who weren't dating pretended that they "totally scored" some "really hot chick" that they met "in summer camp" and "lives in Canada"? (Sort of like that fully restored 1968 Mustang I own but you can't see it because it's in the shop right now).

And of course, it gets sadder when you reach adulthood and the same thing happens. I knew a guy in law school who basically never dated, then came back after summer and said "oh I was dating this girl, she was real hot, but we broke up just before school started" and the rest of us were like "wow, what lousy timing, we would have liked to meet her." And it was pretty clear that this guy was making her up (I'm positive that he gave her different first names two different times he was talking about her). And it got pathetic when he proceeded to get bitter and mad about this girl cheating on him, since it was clear he'd been making her up but at the same time he was getting REALLY mad. It was half scary, half hilarious. Scalarious, even.

I'm sure if I visited that guy now he'd say he's married, and I'd be like "I'd love to meet this fine lass!" and he'd say "oh, she's out of town this weekend. Darn!" And I'd say "okay, maybe another time I'll come visit" and he'd say "she'll be out of town then too."


  1. Bradley Cooper and I are totally doing it but I can't introduce you because his publicist won't allow it.

  2. Lacochran--I could have sworn that was him you were getting coffee with that time!

  3. She was too Canadian. Her name was Alanis and she wrote a song about the time we spent together.

  4. Foggy, I did not know you were actually Dave Coullier!