Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Goddam Zombie Bastards

Watching yet another terrible movie where fast-moving zombies are attacking the townsfolk, it occurred to me how important it is for us to have fully stocked gun shops with plenty of great ammunition, and how much more important it is that the gun shops be poorly locked so we can break in with a small stone and grab stuff easily. Might I even suggest keeping plenty of ammo bags laying around for our convenience?

Last time I was in a gun store (I was there to ask for directions to the nearest Greenpeace chapter) I was very disappointed to see that the supply of assault weapons was rather scarce. And worse, the store had everything well secured and locked up. I'm certain that if I asked the guy behind the counter how he expected me to break in at night and arm myself properly during a zombie attack he would have had to look at his feet in shame.

I just hope the gas stations keep plenty of empty bottles and rags laying around, and their pumps unlocked.


  1. Don't worry about locked gun stores when the zombies attack cause, eventually, you'll run out of ammo anyway.

    Your best choice for dealing with Zack is a heavy, edged weapon like a halberd (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Halberd) and a good cardio routine. Remove the head, remove the threat of being bitten...as long as you're wearing gumboots. Gotta protect the ankles.

  2. Foggy--what about a samurai sword for close distance zombie fighting?

  3. I don't know, maybe as a back-up? I'd say you always want a little stand-off room when dealing with Zs. If you let 'em get close, you just might end up as the newest member of the undead family.