Friday, March 19, 2010

Georgetown Loses in First Round

As most of you know, I bleed Georgetown gray (and yes I do need to see a doctor about that) and last night's rout by Ohio really ground my gears. Ohio? Really, people? States named after rivers should always suck at basketball. (See, Delaware, Connecticut, Mississippi, Missouri). Georgetown on the other hand was named after a British king. I don't have to draw you a map, people!

I did watch the game with my friend Don Niccolo (who was also a raging cauldron of fury over the shameful loss) and had a chance to see the new addition to his fambly. His three week old son was a cute tot, about the size of a football and full of bodily emissions that proved that the little dude also was upset about the basketball game. Get used to disappointment, kid--the Hoyas haven't won a championship since Reagan's first term!

1 comment:

  1. It wasn't just that G-town lost to a school in Ohio. If it has lost to Ohio State, that would have been at least understandable. But the Hoyas went and lost to Ohio University. That's kinda like losing to Del State or VCU or Richmond (which did, one glorious day, beat Dook in the tourney).

    At least they made the Dance. The Heels are still playing, but in the NIT. Sigh.