Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ricky Martin Continues to Surprise No One

File this under "that surprised no one"--yep, Puerto Rican singer Ricky Martin has come out of the closet admitting he's gay. I'm not sure what made me think he was gay to begin with (I have terrible gay-dar by the way, so if I wasn't fooled then no one was). Being a part of Menudo as a kid couldn't have been it, since hell, he probably needed the money. Just like when Mel Gibson did that Jew-blaming film "Passion of the Jews Killing Christ".

It would be neat to see a major celebrity come out of the closet in a way that really surprises everyone. Ellen DeGeneres, "Jack" from Will & Grace, Clay Aiken--these aren't surprises! Let's see a good one, like Russell Crowe or Sarah Palin.

And would it be too much to ask for one of these people to come out at the height of their career when it might take some real bravery? Otherwise it sort of smacks of an attempt to gain headlines and revive a sagging career. What sort of message does that send to closeted homosexuals? It's okay to come out if you need attention, but otherwise keep it to yourself?

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