Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Weaponized Chilli

Ah, India, land of deadly monkeys, religious strife, and 130 degree summer heat. Not to mention the fact that every Indian I'm friends with is completely nuts. (Sorry, Crazy Indian Friends, you guys are the Italians of South Asia) What could possibly be added to make that subcontinent the Gary Busey of world regions?

This article indicates that the Indian government is going to "weaponize chilli". Now, when I hear the words "weaponize" and "chilli" in the same sentence I am ready to burst into a mushroom cloud of awesome while raining particles of terrificness all over the D.C. metro area. Apparently though, this is for real--they are taking the world's most potent chilli plant and using it in some sort of grenade to fight terrorists. Clearly this means that the terrorists will have to stock up on sour cream and nacho chips, but let's face it--they don't have a chance! This is like something that the gang from Revenge of the Nerds would come up with. Ingenious!

Terrorists, it's time to give up and take up farming instead. Consider the war over.


  1. Brett, you're invited to Chilli Night but you will be checked for weapons first...