Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Next Culturally Relevant Group--Part One!

It seems every era has featured a new cultural group that takes the social scene by storm, creating whole new marketing opportunities for savvy and amoral business folks like myself.

In the mid-fifties, it was the greasers, known for their Devil-may-care attitudes and violent temperaments. They created a market for biker jackets and hair oil.

In the late fifties, the beatniks were big, known for their bad poetry and boredom. They created a market for berets and goattee combs.

In the sixties, hippies became the next thing, known for their bad singing and casual attitude toward their health and the sound their heads made when beaten with a police nightstick. They created a market for beads and roach clips.

In the seventies, disco divas were the rage, known for their materialism and sexy dance moves. They created a market for hair spray and gold chains.

The eighties were a lost decade.

In the nineties, grungers became the scene, known for their angst and casual attitude toward hygiene. They created a market for flannel shirts and coffee.

In the early aughts, the metrosexuals took over. They were known for adopting female grooming habits and not wanting to sweat or do any physical labor. They created a market for hair stylists for men and body hair removing devices. And I think they had something to do with the new cupcake craze.

In the late aughts, the hipsters have taken the reins. They're best known for their "irony", and their ability to look down on anyone who isn't them. They created a market for PBR, skinny jeans and music you've never heard of.

Now, with the 'teens starting up, and the hipster craze about to fade out, what will be the next cultural group that an unscrupulous businessman like myself can exploit for fun and profit? Stay tuned for Part Two of this discussion....


  1. I saw a hipster today riding a bicycle with a skull and crossbones on it. Goatee and everything. Utterly terrifying. He looked so smug...

    And the 80's weren't a lost decade! They were the "me" generation! My inspiration!


  2. Jenny--his bike was probably powered by his own sense of self regard. Hipsters will be out of fashion just as soon as irony gets embraced by the common folk. Mainstream kills the new "all the rage" movements.

  3. I think the next all-the-rage American will be the hard-working, nose-to-the-grindstone type. The kind of person who comes in early, stays late and does their best to improve their lot and the lives of those around them.

    Either that or the shrill, insane teabagger. Maybe they can just be the sadly mocked hipsters of the 10s?

  4. Foggy--but surely the hard working types have died out in this modern day of irony? And yes, "insane teabagger" should be a new sexual term.