Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Victory in the Pizza Wars

As a little break from the political news of the week, here's a nice victory for us NY Pizza afficionados. First Lady Michelle Obama was visiting Grimaldi's Pizza in Brooklyn, and declared it to be better than Chicago pizza. Considering Chicago is her home town, this is akin to Laura Bush saying that Memphis Barbecue is better than Texas style.

I've never been to Grimaldi's (and yes I'm totally going ASAP) but I have a number of favorites in the NY area for pizza, such as Lombardi's, John's, Joe's, Pizza 33, Ray's, and that one in the West Village I can't remember. I've also tried Chicago style in Chicago, and while it wasn't "bad" per se, it was definitely not awesome. It was like a pot pie of pizza, lacking in the crust and original margherita ingredients that make this the world's number one pastry. NY-style is definitely superior.

All I can say to the Chicagoans is, sorry but maybe you can stick to what you do best--thick juicy steaks. And random gun violence.

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